Summertime Fun

Our days are full of fun in the sun with family and friends. They leave us tired out some days.

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Date Night

Bill and I got a rare evening out last week thanks to my sister’s willingness to take our girls. We went across the lake by boat. It was a perfect night.

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Happy 1st Birthday, Sweet Audrey

Audrey Marie turned 1 on March 21. It was such a fast year.

She took to crawling early and easily, but while she showed signs of wanting to walk around Christmas time, she didn’t really start walking until this summer.

She is a sweet, funny little girl. She was basically content through her first year. Sleeping was okay, though I’ll admit most of her first year she snuggled right next to me each night. (I never expected to let my babies sleep by me!) She’s a good eater, has a great sense of humor – she likes to tickle our toes and tease us to make us laugh. She’s just so much fun… and we love our little family of 4.

We celebrated her first birthday with lots of family fun. 5 cousins and big sister, Vera, make for quite a party.! <3 


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All About Audrey

In part, I want to update this blog to give Audrey some more attention in the virtual world. With one kiddo, it was relatively easy to show Vera off to the world via the Internet. Baby number two was different – everything got faster. Solid foods, rolling over, first steps… They were in competition with the first born’s interests. So, I may just have to flood this page with Audrey for a few posts. Vera won’t mind. 🙂 



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Back to Blogging

I really want to keep blogging. I don’t love to post on Facebook, because heaven knows a great number of my “friends” there probably don’t even really know who I am (like, we haven’t, maybe ever, spoken in person). What a weird thing. But anyway, I do want to have an electronic account of my life – and since this space has been mine for over a decade, I think I should use it. 


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11 Years

In June Bill and I celebrated our eleventh anniversary. It just feels impossible that so much time has gone by – I still think of us as the kids in Maple Hall who were nearly too shy to ever make plans for a first date. 

In the past eleven years we’ve traveled together, lived in 4 different houses / apartments, broken down on the side of the road, attained new degrees and a pilots license, took on some remodeling, played out on the water and ice, met new friends, said goodbye to dear loved ones, and fell in love with our two babies. We’ve had better and worse. I couldn’t feel luckier to spend this incredible life with my amazing husband. 

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Family Fun

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Day to Day

IMG_6672 IMG_6669 IMG_6658 IMG_6657 IMG_6654 IMG_6595 IMG_6578 IMG_6576 IMG_6571 IMG_6564 IMG_6511 IMG_6481 IMG_6437 IMG_6428 IMG_6425 IMG_6381 IMG_6363 IMG_6328 IMG_6321 IMG_0013

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Thanksgiving Eve

Tonight I just can’t stop thinking about how lucky I am.


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Family Time

Much of this summer has been exactly what I love about summer… time to relax and enjoy life with family. I am so thankful that my grandparents created a place where everyone felt at home. I think this plays a big role in the fact that we cousins remain good friends. My hope is that our girls will get this same foundation for a lifetime of friendship and family. They’re off to a great start!

IMG_5735 IMG_5775 IMG_5776 IMG_5793 IMG_5808 IMG_5848 IMG_5853

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