Happy 1st Birthday, Sweet Audrey

Audrey Marie turned 1 on March 21. It was such a fast year.

She took to crawling early and easily, but while she showed signs of wanting to walk around Christmas time, she didn’t really start walking until this summer.

She is a sweet, funny little girl. She was basically content through her first year. Sleeping was okay, though I’ll admit most of her first year she snuggled right next to me each night. (I never expected to let my babies sleep by me!) She’s a good eater, has a great sense of humor – she likes to tickle our toes and tease us to make us laugh. She’s just so much fun… and we love our little family of 4.

We celebrated her first birthday with lots of family fun. 5 cousins and big sister, Vera, make for quite a party.! <3 


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  1. April says:

    Happiest of birthdays to the littlest little! We love you, dear Audrey.

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