8 Weeks

Audrey is 8 weeks old today. The days are going so fast, and both girls are growing and changing quickly.

IMG_5271 IMG_5219

Today we went to the farm. Vera surprised me by being fairly timid and clingy. She gets to go and “work” at the farm when her daycare provider, Jill, goes to help out with big groups on week days. Apparently she’s all about the place when I’m not around. She did, eventually, warm up a bit and wander around to play with toys. We officially got our season pass, so I’m sure she’ll be ready to roam freely after another trip or two.

IMG_5218 IMG_8473


Last night April and I took a quick trip down to Virginia. I needed to find a few updates to my wardrobe, and April graciously offered to come and hold Audrey while I shopped. She did more than that, though, and because she’s got way better fashion sense than I do, I ended up with some really cute clothes. (Now I just need to leave the house every once in a while to try them out.)

While we were shopping, my dad, Bill, and Jesse had the remaining grandkids out and about. They went on what looks to be a pretty fun pontoon ride, had a pizza party, and played outside.

IMG_8435 IMG_8417 IMG_8415 IMG_5272

The baby wrap I made for when I had Vera is once again coming in handy. Audrey likes to be wrapped up close to me when she’s tired. If she’s been fed, changed, and is sleepy – this will make her snooze in a matter of minutes. Bill caught the picture above of her relaxing in the wrap yesterday. The picture down below is of Vera in the wrap at approximately the same age as Audrey is now. I can’t get over how similar they look.





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