8 things huh??

Well apparently I’m supposed to list 8 thing about me that most don’t know about me since I was tagged by Erin a couple days ago. So with out further adieu….

  1. My wife reads the blogs of “The Office” characters.
  2. I used to have a trap line in 2nd grade hunting the elusive Alaskan rabbit.
  3. I only read books on airplanes. (I have the internet the rest of the time.)
  4. I have read all of the John Sandfod books on airplanes, and the entire time was listening to Nickel Creek on my ipod, so now when I heard those songs it makes me think of a police officer in Minnesota chasing down serial killers.
  5. To piggy back on Laura’s post I enjoy shoveling snow especially when there are huge Valdez snowflakes falling from the heavens. I especially enjoy when a really big one lands on my face or down the back of my neck.
  6. Erin and I have our very first Christmas tree set up in our living room this year. (I got to put two of the four ornaments on it.)
  7. I went on a routine climbing trip with Jeremy out in Wyoming and ended up climbing the Grand Teton.
  8. We didn’t have running water sometimes in the winter living in Northway. Having to use the outhouse in the cold dark night I’d get scared walking back to the house with the dark forest to my back and jump out of my parents bunny boots and scamper back to the house leaving the boots in the edge of the trees.