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Worked again today.  I’m planning on taking tomorrow off for the most part.  I will have to work from home some to get some data moved around in our student information system.  Nothing I really have to other than pull our data and push it to JMC and then when they are done working on it I’ll just need to put it back.

After work the Glass family and the Cheney family came out for dinner and root beer floats.  Its fun watching the kids run around excited about everything in their lives.  Its starting to seem like Luke is getting a little bigger, but he still is pretty tiny.

After the floats most of the crew took off and Jesse and I got out on the sail boat.  It was a little slow going at first, but once we got out in the main part of the lake there was a nice bit of wind blowing.  We sailed down towards Norwegian bay and then turned around and headed home.  We were able to sail all the way back into our little bay which doesn’t always happen.  It sure was a nice night to be out on the water.


Finally Friday

The week has finally come to an end.  To cap off the week I successfully broke the school districts website this morning.  It was only visually down for about 5 min.  It wasn’t fully restored for a few more hours.  I won’t go into the nerdy details too much, but it involved a corrupt file being uploaded causing the site to not work.  I have since made a complete backup of the entire system just for such an occasion.

Erin and I decided to go out to a movie and dinner tonight.  So while I was waiting for her to drive over from school Tony and I went out for a tasty beverage.  When Erin got to Virginai we headed out to the mexican resturant for dinner and caught up on the day.  After that we went and did some grocery shopping before heading to see 4 Christmases at the theater.  The movie was pretty funny.  I really do like Vince Vaughn.  After the movie we made the 40 mile drive home in a pretty heavy snow storm.  It was very difficult to see at times, and the road was less than visible.

Its very nice to have the week done and better yet have the opportunity to sleep in tomorrow.  More than likely I’ll be up at 8:30 feeling like I’ve slept forever.  Crazy to think back to the days when I’d sleep till 2:00 in the afternoon.  Man that was nice.