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Curling Stone POV

Curling Stone POV from Bill Bryson III on Vimeo.

Tractor Pull

A truck drove down onto Norman Beach in Wilsons Promontory to get a boat out of the ocean.  When it was pulling away it sunk into the sand.  The local forest service had to get a tractor out there to pull it free.  I grabbed a video of the process.

[QUICKTIME http://bbryson.com/bill/files/2009/06/wilsons_tractor_pull.mov 640 500]

Squeaky Beach

There is a beach in Wilsons Promontory that is called “Squeaky Beach”.  When you walk on the dry sand it makes a squeaking sound.  Its pretty strange.  It helps if you kind of shuffle your feet a bit in your walk.  Here is a video of what it sounds like…

[QUICKTIME http://bbryson.com/bill/files/2009/06/squeaky.mov 640 500]