First Skate

This weekend was the first where we woke up to a nice “solid” layer of ice on the bay in front of our house.  We had a few chilly days ending the week so Jim and I decided to lace up our skates and just find out how thick it actually was.

After a couple of holes poked through the icy layer with an ice chisel we assessed the average ice thickness at roughly 2 inches.  There was also very little snow if any at all, and with a relativly quick freeze we were able to see right through the ice.  This was a little un-nerving, but very cool at the same time.  It also allowed us to see the cracks in the ice which did a great job of showing the ice thickness as well.

We skated for maybe an hour.  It was about 27 degrees out and no real wind to speak of, making pretty much the prefect skating conditions.

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