I grew up in an Athabaskan village called Northway, which is about 300 miles from Fairbanks, AK. Both my mom and dad are teachers. I spent my childhood in Alaska except for one year in Hawaii, and went to college in Minnesota. I have one sister named Katie who is teaching 5th grade in St. Michael Alaska which is part of the Bering Strait School Distirct. This is my first year working for Virginia Public Schools (in Northern Minnesota). I enjoy traveling, SCUBA diving, canoeing in the BWCAW, hanging out with Erin, as well as getting kids excited about technology.

While working for Virginia Public Schools I have been able to facilitate students to create “Virginia School Student News” at the High School, as part of a Student Broadcasting class.  I also teach a web design class where I have students install and customize open source content management systems.  The bulk of my day is spent supporting teachers and students who would like to use technology in the classroom.

My wife Erin and I have been together for over 10 years. We both are teachers.  She teaches at Nett Lake School.  She does an amazing job.  She is always raising the bar for her students.  If you would like you can check out her blog. We enjoy living in Northern Minnesota on beautiful Lake Vermilion.


sjb  on March 19th, 2010


I hear from Chris Evavold that you also are building one of his toboggans. i am about to start one, although i have made a couple of wooden kayaks for winter trekking a couple of years ago. when will your video come out? when i get started i wouldn’t mind being able to contact you for tips/admonitions.

Kevin  on January 22nd, 2011

hey bill, cool website finally got around to checking it out, looks like you enjoy it there, we are thinking of planning a trip out to the states soon hope we can make it round your way.

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