Every 5 min

Last spring I set up a laptop looking out our window at the lake while the ice was going out.  In a week span I got a little video of the ice melting.  Its fun to see this slow change happen in just a minute or so.  I just set up another one this morning to film the ice forming this fall.  Its set to take a picture once every 5 min at 10 frames per second.   I don’t know if this is the best set up, but I’m kinda shooting from the hip.  The smart person would do the math to figure out what they want there outcome to look like.  I figure I can tweak it a bit in Final Cut after its done shooting.  We’ll see how it comes out.  I’ll basically get about on second of video every hour its running.  I turn if off in the evening because its usually too dark to see anything anyway.  Tonight would have been pretty with the full moon arching across the lake.  I’ll be posting the finished product so you all and take a peak and maybe leave a little feedback on what you think of it.