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In the Sky’s Again

Well, I’m back up in the Bering Strait again after a very nice week in Valdez.  Erin and I flew up to visit my family over spring break.  We did a little flying and a little snowshoeing and Dad and I got all the cutting done on “The Chair”.  He is currently sanding it up and hopefully will get it all finished up and shipped down to me in time for my return back to Minnesota.

Rick Holt and I are currently in Koyuk.  We filmed at Highland Tech High in Anchorage for Monday and Tuesday.  It really is fun to see the standard based model working so well.  The students there really have a great understanding of how the system works, and take ownership over their learning.

The video we are shooting is showing how the RISC model works in schools.  This will allow Rick to show examples of the model while presenting at conferences around the country.

We’ve shot in Unalkleet, and Koyuk so far in BSSD, and we are heading to Golovin this afternoon.

Looks like its time to get ready to shoot..

More to come later.

Heading North

Its that time again…  Im sitting in the Minneapolis Northwest World Club waiting for my flight.  I’ll be flying through Portland on my way up to Anchorage.  Erin is flying out of Minneapolis tonight as well, but she is going through Chicago, staying the night, and then flying up to Anchorage tomorrow.  Seems like we never get to fly together.

Im looking forward to spending time in Valdez with my parents.  Erin and I will be driving over to Valdez tomorrow afternoon.  Its a 300 mile drive, but I really like it.  It has some beautiful scenery along the way.

For those of you who don’t know… I posted the first BWCACAST episode yesterday.  Jim is already an internet superstar with comments on the forum.  You have a few options for watching…

1.  Go to and click on the video to play

2. Same website top right corner Subscribe to the High Definition 720p AppleTv feed.  This will launch iTunes on your mac or pc and let you subscribe to the show so that all new shows will automatically be downloaded to your machine.  A word of warning… The HD files ar VERY big.  This first one is 475 mb.  So you are really going to want to have a fast internet connection and have a way of playing it on a High Definition monitor or TV to really appreciate the file size.

3. Same website top right corner Subscribe to the Standard Definition 320×240 iPod feed.  This will also launch iTunes on your mac or pc and let you subscribe to the show so that all new shows will be automatically be downloaded to your machine.  These files are really manageable.  This first one was around 40 mb.  and will still look good being played full screen on most computer monitors.

4. If your not into the whole iTunes thing you can subscribe to the appropriate RSS feed and have it download in your favorite RSS reader.   (High Definition Large QuickTime File)    (Standard Definition Small QuickTime File)

Also its April’s birthday tomorrow.  So yeah… Happy Birthday April.

Here she is showing off her mad computer skills…