In the Sky’s Again

Well, I’m back up in the Bering Strait again after a very nice week in Valdez.  Erin and I flew up to visit my family over spring break.  We did a little flying and a little snowshoeing and Dad and I got all the cutting done on “The Chair”.  He is currently sanding it up and hopefully will get it all finished up and shipped down to me in time for my return back to Minnesota.

Rick Holt and I are currently in Koyuk.  We filmed at Highland Tech High in Anchorage for Monday and Tuesday.  It really is fun to see the standard based model working so well.  The students there really have a great understanding of how the system works, and take ownership over their learning.

The video we are shooting is showing how the RISC model works in schools.  This will allow Rick to show examples of the model while presenting at conferences around the country.

We’ve shot in Unalkleet, and Koyuk so far in BSSD, and we are heading to Golovin this afternoon.

Looks like its time to get ready to shoot..

More to come later.