September Swimming

With school starting next week the thought of swimming can bring a chill down your back.  When the temps hit the upper 70’s today we had no choice but to go jump in.  The water was really nice.  Not many days left where we’ll be able to float around.  Not to say we won’t be swimming before the ice arrives, but I can guarantee it won’t be a lounging experience.  As I was jumping in this afternoon Erin said she was taking my picture.  I tried to turn for the camera, but only made it part way around.



This evening Jesse, April, and Sawyer came out for dinner.  It was still nice out and Sawyer hadn’t been out for a boat ride yet.  So he donned his baby life jacket and we all hopped in the boat.  Erin, Jim, and I went for another swim.  The water was still very nice.  We hear around 66 degrees.   After a quick dip we went for a boat ride around the lake with the preparing to drop below the horizon.  It was a nice night to be on the water.




Erin  on September 5th, 2009

That top picture cracks me up.

Thanks for playing out on the lake with me. We’ll have to keep at it while we can.

Katie  on September 8th, 2009

Great pictures! Do they make life jackets Sawyer size? So, I can’t login to my blog. Any ideas for me?

april  on September 25th, 2009


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