Filming in the cold

Well, I’ve got 6 flights under my belt. I am sitting in Shaktoolik after a very busy day. I started out this morning in St. Michael. Dan Edie was nice enough to put me up for the night. I shot some video around the school and the town before catching a ride on the 13 mile road to Stebbins. I only had about an hour and a half there to shoot a little around the school. I think I will need to go back out there for some more video.

I was supposed to have a fancy bag that zips around the camera that is basically a sleeping bag to keep it warm while shooting outside. It even had a place for your had to slip inside so it stays warm while your shooting. Well the company that BSSD bought it from sent the wrong model, and it turned out to be way too big. So I had to send it back to Unalakleet to get it changed out, meanwhile I am out shooting with some very cold hands. I am told that the replacement should be showing up in the next few days. They say Saturday, but shipping never really seems to work out like its supposed to.

Cold Out

As you can imagine its not the best time to be out running around. You can’t see it very well in this picture, but the snow is blowing around like crazy.

I flew out of Stebbins on Bering Air. With the wind around 30 – 40 miles an hour the plane coming in for a landing came to a stop pretty much as soon as it touched the ground. I got some pretty decent video of it landing. There was a building in the way right at the end, but It was still pretty impressive.

So I hopped on there and was the only passenger with a direct flight from Stebbins to Shaktoolik.

Comp Fly

So I’ll do a little more shooting tomorrow, and then be on my way to Koyuk.

Stay tuned for more updates on the 14 sites in 13 days.

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Amanda  on January 25th, 2008

Looks like you are making some progress, but it looks like true AK weather. Too bad about the camera sleeping bag-it would have been nice. As for your poll question, I choose not to answer, as Erin and I were talking about it while scrapbooking, and it does scare me. However, it may be worth it in some cases.

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