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I just was going through my pictures and found a couple that needed posting.

When Rick was getting more video taken of him by the Discovery channel, Keegan, Rohnan, and I hopped on the snowmachine to head out on the trail ahead of them.  We were a little concerned about the snow conditions and wanted to have an outlet to get the Discovery guy back to the yurts if the trail was poor.

So we drove out to the half way point on the trail and waited to see if they’d make it.  There weren’t any problems, and the boys and I were killing some time.  I got this nice photo of the boys on the snowmachine.

We didn’t want to start up the machine as soon as they went by because they were activly filming on the sled.  So we had some more time to kill.  I talked to boys into doing snow angels off the snowmachine…

[QUICKTIME 320 260]

It was fun haning out with them.  Its nice to feed off of their engergy.