Little Breaks

Today I worked from home, which is always nice.  It saves me the drive into the office, and it allows me to get right to work when I get up.  The websites are coming along slowly.  It seems like I run into road blocks every hour or two.  The design of the site is pretty much done, so now I am just porting over all the content from the old sites to the new one.  Its a lot of copy and paste and making sure all the linked files are transfered over to the new server and organized in a manner that makes a little sense.

I take breaks every few hours to either play a little Mario Kart on the Wii, or go swimming in the lake with Erin.  Its nice to give the eyes a little break from staring at code and get the muscles moving around a bit more.

Erin also did some baking today and made home made blueberry muffins as well as some delicous peanut butter twists.  I’ve eaten about 6 of them this evening which isn’t the best for me, but they are pretty tasty.

Laura, Erin, Mike, and I went to “Step Brothers” tonight.  It was a little over the top at times, but Will Farrel is a fun actor.

Jeremy, Nikia, Rowen and Scout will be visiting and staying the night with us tomorrow.  Its always fun hanging out with Jeremy.  It should be a nice evening of boating and grilling.

Im off to work super early in the morning so I’d better get some sleep.