Car 3 – Me 0

The battle began last summer when the car threw the first punch deciding to have its transmission go out.  I fought back by leaving it for two months at the transmission shop to get it fixed.  The car took this in stride and started to leak transmission fluid to show we hadn’t won the battle yet.  We combated this passive aggressive behavior by adding more fluid and trying to make sure it was nice and warmed up before driving.  The car threw another right hook by lighting up its check engine light.  We were planning our next strike a visit to the car shop to have a computer plugged in to diagnose the troublesome light in the dash.  Before we could execute this stealthy move the car sucker punched me when I drowsily went out to start the car at 6 am keeping up the rigorous routine of warming the car up before driving to work.  As I opened the door to start the car it lashed out and struck me in the face, using the very corner of the door to puncture a hole in my face between my eye and my temple.  At -27 F standing in my pajamas and parka with blood pouring from my face, I let the car know how I really felt about it with a few choice words.  I wasn’t about to back down, so I continued with my goal of starting the car and then went in to shower.

I washed the blood off my face and threw a little band-aid over it.  Back out in the frigid cold I confronted my 4 wheeled black nemesis and drove it to work.  After work I returned the sucker punch with getting it diagnosed at the local car shop only to find out that it had locked up its torque converter.  Not dismayed I called the transmission shop back up and scheduled a time to drop it off to get this new ailment addressed.

If it comes down to a legal matter I have digital proof of the abuse I’ve taken.  You have all now heard my side of the story.