Rain + March = ICE

I’m not sure what time the rain began falling last night, but by 6:30 AM there was a glistening new layer of ice on the ground.  Our driveway was nearly impossible to get out of and the following downhill seemed more like a luge run than a gravel road.  Needless to say I only managed to avoid going into the ditch at the bottom because of my heroic Bond-like driving skills.  I promptly parked the car and hopped in with Erin since she has the sweet escape which seems to handle the slippery roads a bit better than the bald rear tires on my KIA.  The next 3 miles took us about 20 minutes to navigate doing our best not to end up in the ditch.  When we finally made it to the highway the roads were fine.  The rest of the day was less hectic as Mondays should be.  The rain is supposed to continue for the first half of the week and then turn to snow sometime Wednesday.  Looking forward to the weekend.

P.S.  Who’s orchestrating the collection for “Bill’s Mini Laptop Fund?”


erin  on March 23rd, 2009

Thank you, Mr. Bond, for getting me to HWY 24 safely.

As for the rest… I am shaking my head at you.

Josh  on March 27th, 2009

I am in for 20 bucks on the mini… I know how bad it can be when your jonesin’ for a fix. I can also understand that your significant other probably isn’t as helpful as her addict husband needs her to be!

Good luck,


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