Crashing Waves

Just to the side of squeaky beach there are some rocks that really take the brunt of the incoming waves.  It was fun to sit and watch them roll in and crash against the rocks.

Click to watch some sweet wave action!!

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Katie  on July 5th, 2009

Hi! Looks like the last few days of your trip were incredible! Great pictures of you and Erin :0) We are having a blast so far. We just arrived in Barcelonis today and it is awesome! I love it and had no idea it would be such a sweet visit. Today we went to Pablo Pacasso´s art museum (it was incredable) and then a fountain show up by a castle. It was like being at Disney World. Tomorrow we are going to the beach for the morning and then who knows… it is yet to be planned. Love you! Can´t wait to see you in Cook at the end of the month!

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