I’ve been working every day this week which has bee going pretty well, but there is still a lot to get done before the school year starts up.  It was a beautiful sunny day out too which makes it that much harder to be inside.  I worked on getting iPads updated, which I think I’ll be doing till the end of time.  🙂  We have also run into a slew of problems with our student information system (JMC) and a few bothersome things with Google Apps.  I’m hoping that we can get these taken care of in the next couple of days so we don’t have to worry about them when staff and student are back in the building.

After work Erin and I met up with Greg and Corey at the Crescent for some hot wings.  They have a deal on Wednesday nights so we met up there to have a little dinner and visit.  It is always nice to hang out with them.

The lake sure is nice right now.  Its the perfect temperature for swimming and right now its pretty calm out so there are reflections of the trees hanging over the water.

Sure is nice living on the lake.

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