Cold enough I guess….

Well, I woke up this morning and found it to be 27 below zero outside.  I was very happy I had stoked the fire the night before, and that the house was still warm.  There were a few coals left so before leaving for work I stuffed in more wood until the stove was packed full.


Work went well today.  I am glad its Friday.  I am really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.  When we got home from work today Erin and I discovered that the house was still warm, but our pipes had frozen.  🙁  This had happened about a month ago, but the difference before was all we had to do was plug in the heat tape and the water was running in no time.  Unfortunately this time the heat tape had already been plugged in and it still froze.  This means that the heat tape may not have been working correctly, or its froze up under the house somewhere.  We’ll have to do some more investigation tomorrow.  We had a heater going under the house for a few hours this evening, but we didn’t see any positive results from that.   We could be “roughing” it for a little while.

We are hoping to get a Christmas tree tomorrow.  We’ll see if the weather cooperates.  Hopefully our house will look a little more Christmasy after the weekend.

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AnnMarie  on December 13th, 2008

Weather’s been comfortable here in the arctic. 18 deg. above this a.m., hasn’t gotten as cold as MN here. Go figure.

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