No Ice Rink :(

My hopes and dreams of clearing off a skating rink over Christmas break came to a slushy sloppy stop.  You see after it snowed a couple weeks ago and Jesse and I tried to clear off some of it, the weight of the snow on the ice caused water to be pushed up through the ice and flood the surface.  This mixed with the first 6 inches of snow making a layer of slush above the ice and below a blanket of snow.  It seems the snow on top is keeping the slush from freezing.  The area that Jesse and I had cleared off did freeze up.  The bummer deal now is that there is too much slush to remove with anything short of a big plow.  Which we don’t really have a way to get down on the ice, and even if we did I don’t know if I’d want to be driving a big plow around on the ice.

So with out our nice little rink in front of the house, Erin and I headed in to Cook to try out the rink they have in town.  We weren’t there but 5 minutes when a few kids showed up.  Half of the rink had some pretty choppy ice while the other half was managable.  I had brought a puck with and I was letting the kids play with it.  I’d skate in every once and a while to play a little defense on them.  One time in the choppy end I was skating backwards and my skates punched through a little bit sending me over backwards onto the ice.


Erin was johny on the spot with the camera.  I have been giving her a hard time about taking photos of my blunders instead of my figure skater-like skills I normally display out on the ice.

It was fun to skate around.  I would enjoy some time passing the puck around with some bigger kids that actaully wan’t to play with me.  These kids ended up stealing my puck.  🙁



erin  on December 28th, 2008

You totally could’ve taken those kids! 😉

BTW, you were still on your feet when I took the picture – it’s just got a long delay.

tony  on December 30th, 2008

I’d pass the puck with ya sometime.. ~t

ps. Santa brought me new skates for Christmas 🙂

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